Aesthetic lakes and ponds for added property value
A well-designed and visually appealing pond or lake adds value to any property – as much as tens of thousands of dollars, depending on size, water enhancements and shoreline habitat. We’ve all seen picturesque farm ponds or fishing lakes that seem so natural to a rural setting that it’s hard to believe they are “man made.” This is because properly placed, designed and constructed ponds and lakes do exactly that – give the impression they are naturally occurring.

Strange Aquatic Resources provides start-to-finish design, construction and maintenance of aesthetic ponds and lakes, which means your project is completed by one team of professionals, working together toward a common goal. Our experts will survey, analyze topography for watershed concerns, excavate, sculpt, stock and plant, so that your lake or pond exists as a seamless, “always there” end product that improves with age and adds significant value to your property.

Whether your goal is to increase property value, restore an existing lake or pond, or enhance the beauty of your property's landscape for your own personal enjoyment, Strange Aquatic Resources can help make your dreams of having an estate lake or pond a reality. Click on the link above to contact us for a consultation appointment today.