Multi-use recreational lakes and ponds
What would you like your lake or pond to do for you?

Recreational lakes have many uses, including tax benefits!
Strange Aquatic Resources can design and build a recreational lake or pond that brings you and your family endless hours of fun swimming and boating, in addition to complementing your property’s commercial enterprises, giving you the best of both worlds: a long term investment that increases property value, as well as tax incentives if used for emergency irrigation, horse rehabilitation, frost control, emergency fire supression, or as a nutrient enhanced water supply for crops.

Comprehensive solutions for recreational lakes
Strange Aquatic Resources considers every facet of a recreational lake project, beginning with where a lake is placed in relation to a residence, to ensure both safety and ease of use. Then, the survey and design process will take into account depth, slope, watershed and rainfall calculations before any digging or earth moving occurs. Finally, shoreline plant and wildlife population, as well as aquatic life are matched with goals for long-term use, ensuring you a recreational lake that meets your needs, and becomes more beautiful over time.

To find out more about the turn-key solutions Strange Aquatic Resources can provide for your recreational lake or pond project, contact our team today for a consultation.