Restoration, repair and maintenance of existing lakes and ponds
Turn an unhealthy lake or pond into a beautiful, productive and sustainable aquatic habitat and keep it that way!

Strange Aquatic Resources provides custom restoration and/or enhancement planning to existing water bodies - whether a trophy fishing lake, recreational pond or aesthetic estate pond. With any project of this type, our goal is to restore a lake or pond to its greatest potential for beneficial uses, and to complement the surrounding property.

Strange Resource Management offers the following small-, and large-scale restoration and enhancement services:

  • Dredging, re-contouring and deepening
  • Erosion and sediment control and shoreline stabilization
  • Water quality protection and enhancement
  • Fish habitat development and population enhancement
  • Shoreline and upland wildlife habitat creation
  • Long-term maintenance and management

Aeration Services

Aeration is typically the single most effective way to restore a water body, yet can be the most difficult to understand. It is an affordable, efficient way to reduce nuisance algae growth and weed problems, and ensure a healthy environment for plant and animal life. Strange Aquatic Resources associates are industry leaders in innovative aeration technologies with direct access to all of the most efficient aeration available. Once we have assessed your lake or pond, we will design a customized aeration plan that meets both the short term project needs, as well as long-term usage goals. With regular monitoring and maintenance, a Strange Aquatic Resources aeration plan will extend the life of your lake or pond indefinitely.

Floating Islands

Floating Islands can be used to naturally remove excess nutrients while providing additional fish habitat and aquatic life below the water, enhance wildlife habitat on the island, and increase aesthetic quality without filling in a lake or pond with an earthen island. Made of recyled materials, these islands can be planted with a number of diverse wetland plants which pull nutrients from the water as they grow and provide substrate for microbes to convert nutrients to more beneficial forms.

For more information on how Strange Aquatic Resources restoration services can help your lake or pond, contact us today by clicking the link above.